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There is something that I really hate, and it is this: self-fufilling prophecies.

"I am going to fail because I'm not going to put any effort into this. I haven't put any effort into this and so, I have failed."

"I am going to get conflict because that is what always happens when I do this. Oh look. I was expecting conflict and there it is."

Case in point:

Dad walks into the room and says, "I'm expecting a phonecall."
So I said, "kay, well, I'll let you answer it then." (as per normal.)
and he puts the phone down next to me and says, "I'll be outside mowing."
"can't you put it in your pocket?"
"no, I can't. are you saying you won't do it?"
"no, I'll do it, I just don't get why you can't put it in your pocket."
And then, in a wonderfully patronising voice, he takes the phone and says, "don't worry, it's too much trouble for you, I'll do it."
.. and exits.

Fuck off.

ugh. pep talk, go!

Get up at 6am.
Eat something.
Put away Game Boy, confectionary, things with high-sugar content that will make you distracted.
Listen to 3 hour lecture whilst doing laundry.
Listen to 3 hour lecture a lot.
Take notes of 3 hour lecture.
Line up readings.
Read at least 2 of them.

Keep eating. Avoid the high-sugar stuff.
Do not dig out your entertainment sources.
Go to the lecture and try to pay attention. Scribble notes that relate to the assignment.
Listen to the 3 hour lecture on the way to and from uni.
Stay in the library after the lecture!
Solidify hypothesis. Refine research based on it.
Finish readings. Take notes. It's not that much! Verrry doable.
Only go home AFTER the readings are done. Slacker.
Remember to pay the bills.
Remember to make the restaurant reservation.

Don't stop eating. Stay away from the sugar. Headaches suck, I know.
Do the group work forensics stuff.
Eat delicious lunch noms.
Get your research together and write. 1000 words is half. It is NOT A LOT if you know what you are talking about.

Do many things.
Write summore! Do the OTHER 1000 words. It will be piss-easy because you have done your research and you can reference easily. Remember the Maya paper? That was easy because you knew what you were talking about.

Get the earliest bus you can to get into uni.
Edit the paper.
Triple check your references as a separate edit to the rest of the paper.
Edit the paper again.
Submit it by 11 o'clock and rejoice in what is an assignment handed in early.


I swear, the only time I sit down to try and do some work, some real, proper work with a goal and a need to actually achieve something in a limited time, something really fucking annoying starts to happen. Usually, a dickwad pulls out his lawn mower to shave 5mm off his grass.

Other times, dad gets into the kitchen. There is no noise quite like that generated of a deaf man with pots and pans in a sink.
LJ and wireless are jerks.

tell me what you think:

not finished, need to do highlights etc, haven't done digital art before.


if you eat this again, wireless, I will cut you.

Alrighty, time for a to-do list.

1. Study for the osteology exam. LECTURE INFO ESPECIALLY.
2. Finish the 2nd Science Report.
3. Start work on the Prehistory Journal.

1. Study for the osteology exam. MEASUREMENT INFO.
2. Do the battleship curve.
3. Finish reading that paper for the presentation.
4. Contemplate how we're going to organise the quadrat survey method for thursday.

1. Study for the osteology exam. STUUUUUUDY.
2. Do the 1st Science Report. Sort the layers, describe. (Soil Micromorpology suuucks.)
3. Prep the info I'm going to give Aimee so that we can flesh out this stupid quadrat method.
4. Read the presentation paper again.

1. Still studying for that exam. Seven seven seven seven seven.
2. Read one of Annie's papers from column A.
3. Do the interpretation section of 1st Science report. Incl. journal article research.


1. Ensure that the Science Reports are finished and pretty, oh so pretty.
3. Do the quadrat survey.

Dissect the presentation paper summore. Bring a copy with me for bus rides and supanova queues.



Mar. 21st, 2009

Howrse opened up their Black Pearl again.

Perfectly timed to ensure that I procrastinate on ALL my assignments.

youtube + the sims

So I've been looking through Youtube for Sims 3 material. For the most part, I'm not that eager about the game. It will be significantly better than the previous games, obviously. The customiseability will be leaps and bounds ahead. In a few years time I'll probably get it for myself.

So, suffice to say, the majority of trailers hover around that, "Huh, okay, that's new." level.

Then I found this gem:

Now that's a trailer. XD

Oh, and, uni is awesome. LITHICS, BABY.

meme time!

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

From NC:

1. frogs, microwaves, and popping

Now, I'm pretty certain that my memory isn't as good as hers. There's a few things this could be from. There is the infamous song, "We all know frogs go POP in the microwave, POP in the microwave, POP in the microwave..."
But there's also these two splendid games.
Frog in a Blender and Gerbil in a Microwave. There. Go waste some time. :D

2. epic long and awesome fanfic that i used to read without knowing anything about the source material

This made me LOL. There are a few that come to mind that could've been what you read.... and I can guarantee that none of them are finished stories. *nudgenudge* I got more if you want 'em. XD

3. cats

I've always had cats. My mother always had cats. She collects cat stuff. I adore my kitties. <3 They are my children and my love. That and there might be a certain "NC" connotation there. :D

4. pirates of the carribbean

Back when this movie came out, it was biiiiiiig. RPs were everywhere, images were everywhere, it was a popculture explosion. Jesska, beautifully talented, made me an LJ layout with Jack Sparrow as the theme. I think it's my favourite layout of all time.

5. obscure anime/manga i've never heard of (presumably because i live in a hole)

Yes, this is because you live in a hole. :D At least it is filled with good taste.
But I think that's how the entire anime/manga and semi-anime/manga world (ie. dabblers) is. Because it's been mass-produced for export on a massive scale for a good number of years now, there's a lot out there. Some of it is well known (usually things Cartoon Network'd), some of it isn't. Some of it's niche, like Desert Punk or Cyborg009. There's sure as hell a lot of shit out there I haven't heard of.
I dunno. Maybe it's majik. :O

Bella update!

Bella has grown in leaps and bounds! She'll be 5 months at the start of March. She's still little - I don't think she'll get much bigger than she is now.

The other day I made her and Sasha a cubby house. They love it muchly.

I would call it a success. :D